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Valerian used as a Herbal Medicine

Where does Valerian come from?

Valerian has been used by mankind for many thousands of years as a treatment for sleeping disorders, insomnia and various other ailments.

This herbal Medicine is found in parts of Asia, Europe and in North America.

Valerian has many names as do most herbal medicines. These include garden valerian, garden heliotrope and all-heal.

Usually the underground stem and the roots of Valerian are used to manufacture herbal supplements.

How can Valerian help me?

Valerian has been used to treat sleeping disorders such as mild insomnia, poor sleep and difficulty in falling asleep.

Anxiety can also be treated using Valerian. Other common uses are for treating headaches, depression and irregular heartbeat.

Valerian has the ability to assist in relaxing the central nervous system, this in turns promotes better sleep, lower anxiety and feeling of calmness.

One of the common benefits of Valerian, is that the morning after using it, there is no morning drowsiness or grogginess.

The effects of Valerian for sleep disorders seems to improve if taken for one to two weeks consistently.

This herbal Medicine does not interfere in sleep patterns or deep sleep.

There are reports of Valerian lessening menstrual cramps and stomach cramps.

If I am already on medicine, what are the interactions or side effects I need to know about when using Valerian?

Generally, side effects from Valerian are relatively rare, but these might include a mild headache, upset stomach and an abnormal heartbeat.

If you are already under a medical practitioners’’ care, please consult them prior to taking any herbal medicine.

On occasion, more severe allergic reactions have been reported.

How do I take Valerian?

There are several common forms available for Valerian. Many of the supplements are mixed with other herbal extracts to increase or heighten the desired effect.

Some of the common forms are capsules, tablets, teas and even tinctures.

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