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Treat your Enlarged Prostate with Saw Palmetto

Are you suffering from an Enlarged Prostate?

Learn how and why Saw Palmetto can treat your enlarged prostate and bring you some relief.

Find out the range of conditions other than Enlarged Prostate that Saw Palmetto can treat.

Where does Saw Palmetto come from?

This Herbal Medicine goes by a wide variety of names, these include Cabbage palm and American Dwarf Palm.

For many centuries, Europeans have been aware of the herbal benefits that saw palmetto can offer.

The ancient Mayans used Saw Palmetto as a tonic.

The part of Saw Palmetto that is used to produce Herbal Remedies is the ripe fruit.

This Ripe fruit can be used in several ways. This includes dried fruit, ground up or even as a whole berry.

What are the benefits of Saw Palmetto?

If you are suffering from urinary problems that are caused by an enlarged prostate, Saw Palmetto can bring you effective relief. 

The main Benefit of Saw Palmetto is the effective treatment of  prostate problems. 

The medical term for an Enlarged Prostate is prostatic hyperplasia, more commonly abbreviated as BPH.

The efficiency of treating enlarged prostate with saw palmetto, appears to be similar to that of medications such as finasteride.

Saw Palmetto seems to have fewer side effects and is a cheaper option than many medications of this nature.

Saw Palmetto has also been used to help fight hair loss or promote hair growth.

It has been reported that Saw Palmetto can help to relieve pelvic pain.

If you are suffering from low libido (sex drive), Saw Palmetto may assist in increasing your sex drive.

Hormonal imbalances can also be helped by using Saw Palmetto to balance your hormones.

What are the Side effects of Saw Palmetto?

Problems with your prostate are serious, always consult your doctor if you are having any problems that might be related to or caused by an Enlarged Prostate.

The most common side effects seen in using Saw Palmetto are gastro intestinal discomforts.

One of the rarer side effects of this Herbal Medicine is tender breasts and a lowering of libido.

How do I take Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto is found in several different forms. You can use this herbal medicine as a pill or a tablet.

Saw Palmetto is available in oral preparations or tablets.

Normally Saw Palmetto needs to be taken for about 30 days before you will see any benefit.

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