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Lysine, an effective preventative supplement for cold sores and fever blisters

Where does Lysine come from?

Lysine is an essential amino acid in that the human body cannot synthesize on its own, therefore it needs to be obtained from your diet.

How can Lysine help me?

If you suffer from regular outbreaks of cold sores and fever blisters a Lysine supplement can help treat and also prevent these outbreaks.

Cold sores, fever blisters and shingles are all forms of the Herpes virus and several studies have shown that Lysine inhibits viral replication. These specific types of viruses utilize Arginine (another form of amino acid) and increasing the availability of Lysine in the human body slows the virus replication and inhibits the use of Arginine.

Studies have also indicated that Lysine could suppress genital herpes.

Use of Lysine as an alternative treatment to cold sores reduces the frequency of outbreaks and lesions heal quicker.

If I am already on medicine, what are the interactions or side effects I need to know about when using Lysine?

Please consult your medical practitioner prior to using any herbal medications should you be under their care.

Lysine has little known side-effects as it is an amino acid that the human body needs.

Lysine should not be taken with milk or any foods that contain milk as it neutralizes the effects of Lysine.

Do not take Lysine if you are using any of the following anti-biotics: Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Amikacin, Kanamycin or Netilmicin.

How do I take Lysine?

Lysine is available in pill form and cream form. At the onset of an outbreak of cold sores, start with a dosage of 1000mg Lysine daily and as the condition improves, take a therapeutic dosage of 500mg daily.

Lysine cream can be applied topically to the affected areas to reduce the symptoms of painful outbreaks.

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