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Healing the body with Ginseng

Where does Ginseng come from?

There are two common types of Ginseng, American Ginseng whose technical name is Panax quinquefolius and Asian Ginseng that is also called Panax ginseng.

Both Asian Ginseng and American Ginseng have similar medicinal properties as the primary active ingridient is the same.

There is one other Ginseng and this is called Siberean Ginseng. Siberean Ginseng has different properties and this will be discussed in another article.

Medicinal Ginseng has been used as a general Cure-All remedy in many cultures for centuries.

How can Ginseng help me?

Ginseng is a herbal medicine that helps to strengthen the body.

Due to the strengthening effect of Ginseng, this herbal remedy is extremely useful in helping your body recover from illness, stress or even surgery.

The Primary active ingredient in both Asian and American Ginseng is ginsenosides.

Another property of Ginseng is to boost your energy levels and even help to improve mental performance.

Some studies seem to indicate that the ginsenosides found in ginseng may help to slow Alzheimer's disease and also have positive effects on memory and behavior.

Ginseng has been found to lower glucose levels (blood sugar).

If I am already on medicine, what are the interactions or side effects I need to know about when using Ginseng?

If you are on any medication, please talk to your doctor before using Ginseng.

There are several side effects that have been reported from using Ginseng.

Several of the major side effects of Ginseng is directly related to the Energizing and stimulating properties of Ginseng.

The most severe side effect is an increase in blood pressure and heart beat.

Insomnia and sleeping problems are also common side effects of Ginseng.

In Women, Ginseng has been linked to breast pain and vaginal bleeding.

Anxiety, Nervousness and restlessness have also been reported.

Diarrhea and vomiting are occasionally linked to use of Ginseng.

Headaches are also a side effect of Ginseng.

How do I take Ginseng?

You can take this herbal medicine is several different ways.

The most common form of Ginseng sold in herbal shops is as a pill or a tablet. Ginseng can even be taken as a fresh root or a dried root.

Tinctures and Fluid extracts are also available.

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