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This page contains a listing of various books that relates to herbal medicines, herbal remedies, alternative health and healthy living. We hope you will find these books useful and interesting.

Food Is Better Medicine than Drugs: Your Prescription for Drug-Free Health
Author Patrick Holford
Format Trade paperback
ISBN 9780749927660
Pages 464

Explains why food is a better medicine than drugs. This book looks at common health problems and compares the effectiveness of nutrition-based approaches with potentially harmful commonly used medicines. It recommends the foods and supplements you need to take to keep yourself healthy and to help reverse your health problem.
The New Optimum Nutrition Bible: Revised and Updated
Author Patrick Holford
Format Paperback - REV
ISBN 9781580911672
Pages 0

Since it was first published in 1997, THE OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE has revolutionized health by showing more than half a million readers how to achieve a profound sense of wellbeing by devising the best possible intake of nutrients for their unique biochemical makeup. THE NEW OPTIMUM NUTRITION BIBLE presents the latest research from Britain's top nutrition expert Patrick Holford, with new chapters on stimulants, water, eating right for your blood type, detox, homocysteine, and toxic minerals. You'll learn to analyze your symptoms, lifestyle, and eating habits in order to formulate a personal ideal diet and vitamin regimen. Once optimum nutrition is in place, you can look forward to a consistent high level of energy, emotional balance, alertness, physical fitness, resilience against infectious diseases, and longevity.
Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal: An A-Z Guide to Safe and Healthy Eating
Author Reader's Digest
Format Paperback - Completely Revised and Updated
ISBN 9780762106059
Pages 400

Which is healthier: beef or tuna? Margarine or butter? Wine or beer? The truth is, it's not always obvious which foods are good for you and which ones aren't. Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal sets the record straight with authoritative entries on foods from apples to zucchini. Learn which ones can fight cancer, free you from pain, slow the aging process, sharpen your mind, and help you sleep. Find out the secret health benefits of coffee, chocolate, nuts, and shrimp. And discover the little-known hazards of fruit juice, grilled foods, energy bars, and fast-food salads. Ailment entries tell which foods help -- or hurt -- health conditions from allergies to diabetes to ulcers. And special features explain everything you need to know about low-carb diets, trans fats, omega-3 fatty acids, the glycemic index, and more. Let food be your medicine, and let Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal show you how.
PDR for Herbal Medicines
Author Thomson Healthcare Staff
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781563636783
Pages 1026

The most authoritative resource on herbal medicines Seeking to separate scientific from anecdotal evidence, the new PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition provides healthcare professionals with an updated reference so they can better advise patients who ask about specific herbal remedies. Based on information culled from the PhytoPharm U.S. Institute of Phytopharmaceuticals and Thomson Micromedex's comprehensive alternative medicine database, the Physicians' Desk Reference, PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition will provide over 700 botanical monographs and a wealth of indices for scientific and common names, indications and therapeutic categories. PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition provides the latest scientific data in the most comprehensive herbal reference compiled, including Commission E indications, the closest thing to an approved usage guide in the world of herbal medicines. Key monographs have been updated to include recent scientific findings on efficacy, safety and potential interactions; clinical trials (including abstracts); case reports; and meta-analysis results. There are also updated sections on enhanced patient management techniques and nutritional supplements. As the complicated world of herbal and complementary medicine evolves, there is only one complete and trusted clinical and diagnostic manual for learning how to prescribe herbal medicines that medical practitioners can turn to, the PDR for Herbal Medicines, Fourth Edition.

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